Principal’s Message

Welcome to Singapore International School @ Ciputra (SIS) in Hanoi, Vietnam.  

Stepping through the gates of our remarkable school you will instantly feel the calm of a secure space, the cheerfulness of a family atmosphere and the vibrancy of a truly inspiring learning environment.

I am confident you will immediately discover that not only is Singapore International School dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning; we also provide an environment that encourages emotional and intellectual strength.  We empower our students with the confidence and courage necessary to contribute to the global community and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve their dreams. In our classrooms and as a learning community, we continue to pursue a balance that provides each student a strong academic foundation and the skills required to conquer their learning goals and challenges.

Research based pedagogy

SIS@Ciputra understands that students are individuals who learn in varied ways, develop at different rates and bring a wide variety of talents and interests to the classroom.  At SIS, we nurture the relationship between students and their teachers.  The concept of the “Whole Child” is fully understood and embraced by our faculty and staff and is the basis of our curriculum and professional development.  Our faculty and staff are devoted to ensuring that each child grows intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and civically.

We believe that education should be global in its scope and broad based in its implementation.  With the diversity of the world in which we live, we believe that we should execute lessons that are not just challenging but also inspire a passion for learning.

Eastern values, Western education

Singapore International Schools form the largest network of international schools in Vietnam.  Common to our schools is a focus on Eastern values and Western education.

This blending of values and education is quite unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the country.  These tenets are embedded within the Singapore, Cambridge, American, Canadian and British curriculums used by the teachers at this campus and throughout our sister schools.

Internationally recognized assessments and instructional programmes

At SIS we are committed to international standards providing internationally recognized assessments across our proven and successful study pathway:

  • Singapore’s   iPSLE Examination
  • Cambridge  IGCSE and A Levels
  • American  College Testing Programme
  • Australian  Global Assessment Certificate

 These examinations and our instructional programmes provide a unique study pathway from our school to universities around the world. 

Certified, English speaking teachers from around the world

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to employ certified, English speaking teachers from around the world.  Currently, teachers working at Singapore International School @ Ciputra represent a number of different English speaking countries.

Together, as a faculty, they provide a well-rounded education to create students who are:

Academic Achievers who:

  • Meet or exceed year level expectations
  • Demonstrate academic growth
  • Strive for continuous improvement

Confident communicators who:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Use creative forms of expression

Critical Thinkers who:

  • Apply rational, higher order thinking skills
  • Technologically literate students who:
  • Effectively use technology to access, organise, evaluate, create and communicate information
  • Understand responsible use of social media, communication and networking tools

Active and Responsible citizens who:

  • Understand and respect their own and other cultures
  • Demonstrate good citizenship and social responsibility through serving others
  • Understand the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Understand and demonstrate a set of universal virtues

A Vibrant and challenging international school

I would be delighted to welcome you to our school, to a team of dedicated professionals who set high goals and work tirelessly to help each child achieve their potential. An environment of great learning, excitement and continuous discovery.

Come join our community of learners and educators.

Warm regards,

Timothy Bryan Bikowsky


SIS @ Ciputra