Admission policy / requirements

Singapore International School enrolls both foreign and Vietnamese students.

Singapore International School @ Ciputra enrolls both foreign and Vietnamese students from Year 1 to Year 5.

Foreign students join the International program while Vietnamese students enroll in the Integrated program.

The International Programme provides Singaporean curriculum programmes in English, Mathematics and Science and Western curriculum for Social Studies, Health & Physical Education (HPE), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and The Arts (Music).

The Integrated Programme provides the mandatory Vietnamese Curriculum as well as the International programmes in English, Social Studies, HPE, ICT and The Arts (Music).

Student enrollments are accepted throughout the school year.  Enrolment is subject to vacancies available in the class. In general, students are placed in year levels according to their age and academic ability.

The following is the current admission process at our school:

  • Placement Test and Interview:

Admission and year level placement is based on a placement test result, previous student report cards and an interview with the Principal

  • Placement Confirmed:

Successful candidates will be given a placement and enrolment process continues

  • Enrolment Documents

Parents submit Registration Form and other required documents

  • Payment of Reservation Fee

Parents pay a Reservation Fee to confirm the enrolment

  • Registration completed

Student’s name is added to the class list

Documents required for enrolment include:

  • 4 passport sized photographs of the child
  • Previous School’s Report Cards / Academic Transcripts (required for SIS students only; a copy is acceptable for International students and original Report Cards / Academic Transcripts are required for Integrated students)
  • Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate and Passport (a certified Birth Certificate is required for Integrated students)
  • Copy of the parents’ Passport or I.D. Card
  • Health Check Certificate / Vaccination Record (Vaccination Record is relevant to KIK students only)
  • Copy of the Accident Insurance Plan for the child (if parents wish to opt out of the School Insurance plan)