Singapore International School at Ciputra recognises the need for appropriate security measures to be undertaken to protect students, staff, visitors and property.

In our efforts to implement these security measures, the following procedures will commence as of Monday 12 August 2019.


Drop off and Pick up time

Main gate will open during Drop off time between 7:45-8:30am and Pick up time 2:45 – 3:15 pm and 3:45 – 4:15pm daily
• 4:45- 5:00pm on days when After School Activities (ASA) are conducted

Entry by Parents/Guardians

During Drop-off and Pick-up time, parents/ guardians entering the school are not required to register with Security. After Drop-off or Pick –up, parents are asked to leave the school grounds immediately.

After 4:15pm (5:00pm on days when ASA are conducted) the main gate will be closed and students who have not been picked up must report to designated areas.
• Library at 3:15pm and 4:15pm
• Office reception at 5:00pm

Control of Main Gate outside Drop-off and Pick-Up time

The main gate will be closed
• During school hours 8:30 am-2:45pm
• Weekends
• Term Breaks

Control of Back Gate

The back gate is closed at all times and is monitored by the Security Guards. This gate is open for Bus Arrivals in the morning and bus Departures in the afternoon.

Parents who come into the school grounds during school hours MUST first check in with Security at the front gate and then report to the Office.
• Under NO circumstance are parents to walk through the school grounds looking for their child. They need to report to the office and request to see their child.
• Engaging in any form of discussion or conversation with other peoples’ children is inappropriate.

Pick –Up Authorisation

Pick-Up time 3:00pm (International classes Years 1 – 4) and 4:00pm (Integrated classes and International classes Years 5 and 6)
Parent/ Guardian or authorised person collects their child from their classroom or designated area
• Years 1-3 students collected from their classroom
• Years 4-6 students collected from the Foyer (1st Floor) – TAs bring students and supervise.

Students who have not been Picked-up by 3:15pm and 4:15pm respectively will go to the Library. For security reasons, parents/guardians must collect their child from the Library.

Students authorised to Walk or Ride home must leave the school grounds immediately.

Late Pick-Up charges
• An ADMINISTRATIVE FEE will be charged when parents/guardians pick up their children after the stipulated times ( 3:15 pm for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 International and 4:15 pm for all Integrated classes and Years 5, 6 International)
• A late Pick –up charge of VND 220,000 per hour is charged on an hourly basis and is also applicable to part thereof.

In order to ensure that an authorised person collects you children at Pick-up time we ask that all parents fill in the attached Authorisation Form and return to the office.

Bus Students
If a bus student, at any time, does not take the bus but instead is Picked–up by a parent/guardian or other authorised person, they need to inform the office staff immediately and prior to collecting the student.

Your support and cooperation with this matter is appreciated.